Brand Work

Collabs and Commissions

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Commisioned Ad for Printing Co.

I was commisioned to create a 2min silent film for promotion at Sri Lanka Design Festival. I wrote, produced, featured in and edited this campaign for Sri Lankan printing company ANIM8. / Tuktuk Kella Collab

Tuk Tuk Wisdom Poem

I debuted this poem at the Galle Literary Festival then Yamu wanted to make a video out of it. We teamed up with Tuktuk Kella to create this weird and wonderful piece which was very well received.

Hangtime Boat Parties

DJ, Promoter and Video Producer

I developed the then "booze cruises" into full on dance parties on the largest catamaran on the island. The following season there was half a dozen of these parties happening.

Equal Ground (LGBTIQ advocacy)

Pride week video

This fun and colourful video was a collab between iFilm and Odyssee Studios to show solidarity from all kinds of Sri Lankans supporting the LGBTIQ community despite the archaic laws and conservative values.