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“Looper Extraordinaire. Coco Yogo is an aural treat."

"A master of one-man showmanship"

“Refreshingly different"

“He records layer upon layer until it creates a fun and funky musical piece that could easily be mistaken for a live band”

“A perfect blend of theater, music and stand-up comedy"

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“Tackles (casual racism) with humour, weirdness and spunk"

“How did you do that !? If you’re listening at home you need to understand that this came from one man, he’s right in front of me and I still don’t know how he did it”

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“An Australian-Sri Lankan beatboxer whose lyrics cover quintessential Aussie experiences… Some of my most cherished sounds discovered to date”



Larry T Hill needs no introduction - except this one. A one-man party on stage, Larry has been striking strangers with his brand of Hilarious Hiphop since 2012, when he abandoned the drumkit and ventured out alone - armed with just a looping pedal and his voice. He makes mouth music which leaves audiences dancing, thinking and giggling all at the same time.

Having opened for such monster acts as Mark Ronson, Hiatus Kaiyote and Tom Thum, he has launched his new EP : Diasperado with a South Asian tour of Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. 

Once you've been hit with his ludicrous stage presence, tight beats, sharp lyrics and deep bass lines: it’s safe to say, you’ll be hooked. 




AU Phone : +61 473 232 355
Whatsapp/Telegram : +94 768 808 964

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